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Isolation and Quarantine Summaries

Protocols for conducting business if you or your clients have traveled out of state (Updated 11/20):

Frequently Asked Questions for Conducting Business

FAQs regarding showings, open houses, and other business operations

Showing, Listing and Inspection Guidelines

Recommended procedures for Showings, Listings, Inspections and Closings​

Office Policies and Guidelines

Though our offices are open for conducting business, office staff may be working from home, and use of the office should be kept to a minimum. Click below to view the full guidelines, and for some tips for remaining connected while working remotely. 

Remember, Sales Directors, Business Support Specialists and Home Office Staff are just a phone call away! 

Tips for the Closing Table

  • All closing participants should be asked if they are under quarantine or exhibiting any symptoms of illness prior to scheduling and then again just prior to closing.
  • Limit the number of attendees at closing to only those required to sign documents. Consider an option of signing with just one party at a time.
  • Offer customers the opportunity to electronically sign documents in advance of closing whenever possible.
  • Sanitize the meeting space before and after the closings.
  • Do not allow any pen sharing.

Managing Your Pipeline

The deals you have currently in place may need more of your attention than usual during these challenging times in order to make them stick. Now is not the time to take a deal for granted. Here are some tips for keeping lines of communication open to hopefully head off any issues before they arise.

Managing Your Pipeline.png