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Is leadership the next step in your career?

Leadership Opportunities


Mentors, Trainers, & Office Leaders

The Masiello Group is looking for leaders like you.

How well do these statements describe you?


  • You learn things through experience & training, and then pass that knowledge on to your clients and colleagues

  • You are confident, appropriately assertive & energetic

  • You care about and feel called to help those around you

  • You have good moral compass

Contact us to discuss opportunities available at The Masiello Group, such as:


Directly influencing and guiding the next generation

In an industry where experiential learning is so critical, mentors can be the most influential in developing competent REALTOR professionals. A well-established mentor program not only turns out well trained agents, but it also develops new mentor candidates, perpetuating your influence on the industry for years to come.

Mentors are born, not made. It’s likely that you are engaged in informal mentorship whenever you answer a newbie’s question or help another agent understand your client’s offer or counter-offer. You do it because you want to have a positive impact. You do it because you usually step up when someone needs help.

With our mentor program, you contribute to a structured program of development that helps your fellow agents & the industry. As we continue to add quality new agents to our community, you are assured an opportunity to leave your mark on the real estate community in your town.

Mentoring can also be the groundwork for the next step in your career: office leadership.

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Pre-Licensing and Sales Training

Our commitment to in-office continuing education classes & real estate pre-licensure classes throughout our 3-state footprint, creates many opportunities to be one of the cadre of instructors that provide valuable education to real estate professionals, both within The Masiello Group and within the REALTOR community as a whole.


Our affiliation with the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate (soon to become the Real Estate Institute of New England), provides dedicated teachers with the training, curricula and population of students to satisfy your desire to impact your fellow REALTORS.


Some qualifications may apply, but if you have the desire and an active real estate license, you are likely more than halfway there!

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Office Leadership

Office managers focused on the overall culture of the office and the success of its agents

Beyond office management, is office leadership. While managers oversee processes and systems, leaders focus on the culture of the office and the development of its agents. This is a dynamic position for assertive leaders who know how they want things to be. Through integrity, experience and personal dynamism you create and protect a professional culture where dedicated real estate professionals can enhance their careers and give excellent service to their clients.

At The Masiello Group, we believe in creating the space for natural born leaders to exercise their leadership skills. While we know the real estate business, you, as an office leader, know your markets and your people. As an office leader you are encouraged to run your office in your style while providing for the growth and well-being of your agents. Our office managers are Sales Directors.

You are also concerned with supporting your fellow sales directors. Your successes make everyone stronger.

You may, over time, grow your skills and influence to consider the next stage of your career development: company leadership.

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Office Leadership