Stay in touch with your sphere with proven tools and strategies - at no additional cost to agents!

Live Concierge to Assist Your Clients with Their Move

Help make your clients moves EASY!

Our fully automated BHGRE Moves program offers your clients:

  • 10-15 strategically timed, hyper-local offers revolving around the moving process (all sent as if from you, branded with your name/photo/contact info

  • Live concierge helping your clients connect their utilities

  • Exclusive deals and comparisons allowing your clients to make informed choices

  • At no additional cost to agents or clients


A Platform to Help Keep Track of Contacts

  • Develop more solid relationships by being dependable. When you're busy, important emails and phone calls can easily slip through the cracks. A CRM offers tracking and accountability, so you can easily follow through with what you've promised to do.

  • Enhance your ongoing interactions with your contacts by sending e-cards to commemorate milestones and special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, "home-iversaries" and even child and pet birthdays!

  • Store notes of prior conversations. In this way, you can start where you left off each time you resume a conversation with a prospective or previous client.

  • Nurture Internet leads and send appropriate automated messaging.

This helpful business management tool is at no additional cost to Masiello agents.


A Lifestyle Brand that Helps you Remain Relevant

Being affiliated with Better Homes and Gardens gives you the unique ability to stay in touch with your clients in meaningful ways -- long after the real estate transaction is over!

BH&G Magazine is well known for being a long-standing resource for all things related to home and family.

  • Hundreds of professionally written blog posts, videos, and social media articles are at your fingertips ready to share!

  • Send magazine subscriptions* (branded with your photo and contact info!) to past clients and anyone you wish to remain front-of-mind with.


Ready to Learn More?


Sarah Kelley Ford

Director of Career Advancement

Cell: 781-724-8583

Karen Kulberg

Director of Career Advancement Office: 603-926-4466

Cell: 603-502-0241


*Agent pays subscription fee, but we do all the hard work!

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